Server Rules

Welcome to Kawaii Kills, please enjoy your stay! Your experience is our priority!

Any issues in the server must be dealt with the moderators/admin. These rules apply to direct messages and voice channels. Failure to abide by these rules will result in consequences- warn, mute, kick, ban.

1♡ Have some common decency- Respect all users.
Please respect everyone here; including yourself.
Participating in or promoting sexism, hatred, violence, racism, discrimination, harassment, suicide, bullying, jokes about religion, violent and harmful behaviour is prohibited.

2♡ Do not advertise (that includes low key advertising) which will result in instant ban.

3♡ Disrespecting staff, impersonating staff, not complying with staff is not condoned; (includes pinging staff members without a valid reason).

4♡ Keep conversations and any other discussions in their corresponding channels. Converse in English only. Excessive use of other languages are prohibited.

5♡ You are only allowed to have one account in the server. If you have multiple accounts in the server, your main account as well as all the alts will be banned from all services.

6♡ We do not condone spam, raids, personal attacks, impersonating other users, trolling, join/leave multiple times in this server.

7♡ Do not use disturbing profile pictures, username, nicknames or post disturbing content such as gore. (applies to nitro users too).

8♡ Not Safe For Work (NSFW) posts or discussions are strictly forbidden.

9♡ All banners belong to Kawaii Kills. Owner of content has the right to process a DMCA takedown notice if the content owner’s property is found without their permission.

10♡ Violation of Discord Terms of Service will be reported and treated.
more details are available at Terms and Guidelines.