Our Members

That was the first event I’ve joined on this server and it was really fun!


This is a nice non-toxic server; simple but sweet!


This server is, and always be where i go when i’m at my lowest, and i feel without anyone to make me feel loved, and not lonely. had such a terrible, terrible last week. i kept to this server as my soul, and my blood, soaking up all the positivity, and lightheartedness despite surrounding gloom. […] I feel as though this server, and Jae will have a lasting impact on me. i love you all. please forgive the wall of text, i just wanted to write this to get it out.


I love you guys so very much. Everyone here is so welcoming and inviting, always ready to listen to what you have to say. I really appreciate you all.


Thank you all for allowing me to show off my art and my business and for helping to support me even if you cant purchase one, by just telling me how you guys like them. It helps me keep pushing forward to make this happen.


I joined the server last year just before i went into a bad stretch of depression and forgot discord existed mostly, i’d pop on […] but didn’t have the energy to interact or talk or anything. I came [to Kawaii Kills], where I knew it’s be okay and safe and I could see things that would make me smile and could just lurk and watch people’s happy fun conversations until I felt like I could jump in. […] I’m so glad I joined and was able to chat a bit with Jae 🙂 I’m learning that it can be rare that owners are actually in their servers chatting with members, even [in a] small server, she kept doing so much [despite] her illness is amazing. […] This server just seems to have perpetual energy, happiness, it’s just alive. I feel like [Jae] didn’t create a server as much as she birthed an entire amazing community.


I think I’m going to try and be more active in this server. I need another good way to pass the time And this is a really, really well thought out server. One of the best I’ve seen in a very long time. Hard work pays off!


I appreciate every single person in this server, you’re all so cute and amazing.


All of ya’ll are too cute to handle, it’s choking me how adorable every single on of you guys are.