About Us

Kawaii Kills is a Discord server devoted to shining light on the positive aspects of the world. It is a family-friendly community of people who enjoy kawaii media, the arts, games, acts of kindness, and all of the things that strengthen the human connection.

What is Kawaii Kills All About?
The Kawaii Kills server, created in 2016 by Jae, is for those who are looking to appease their affinity for everything cute and sweet in a safe space. ​The name touches upon Japanese animation aspects as well as an exaggerated expression to represent “death by cuteness” as this was originally created as a server dedicated to curating a community that appreciates “cute” media culture.

Anyone is welcome in the community as long as they adhere to the server rules and Discord Terms of Service. Messages and media posts that involve profanity, threatening, or derogatory language that attacks an individual or group are prohibited. This helps to maintain the wholesome, family-friendly aspect of this server and avoid a negative atmosphere. In general, common decency and mutual respect are expected so everyone can have a good time and feel comfortable. In fact, Kawaii Kills acknowledges the contribution of its members by picking a particularly active and sincere member who exemplifies the core values of the community to be member of the month; further highlighting the dedication to kindness.

Server Events
Kawaii Kills features a variety of events that are hosted every week without fail. We do our best to accommodate for the time zones and make sure people have a chance at various activities. Some events last a few weeks long while others last one day or a couple hours. Generally, we schedule once a day and three times a week, currently on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We balance the week with one long event and two short events. Ongoing events include the Photography Contest, Writing contest, Art Contest, Gaming tournament, and Emoticon Charades so far. There is even an annual, original, Kawaii Kills signature event created by Jae: The Emote Battle. Short events include: Karaoke, Game nights, Story Time, Movie Night, and many more. There is never a dull day here! With events, we want to cater to what the majority of the server would like so we veer towards community voting on the context of the short events such as, what movie to watch, and what games to play.

This server also features its own currency called KUKI. KUKIES are awarded to competition winners and event participants. They can also be earned through chat participation, raffles, referring the server to friends, and more. The currency can then be used to purchase color roles (currently out of a varied selection of 50) and to add special personalized events to share with the rest of the community. This keeps things interesting and fresh by encouraging members to engage with each other.

Server Organization

Discord works perfectly to organize the features of Kawaii Kills. The constantly updating platform is efficient for organizing, executing events, and relaying information. Discord also allows the integration of Spotify, which brings a musical element to discuss and share as well as a server wide ​Official Playlist​. Additionally, to supplement, Kawaii Kills maintains an aesthetically pleasing ​website​,and ​Twitter profile​.

Inside the server are some standard channels for chatting, media, and information guidelines. However, there are also designated channels for purposes such as: to give universal compliments, to post works of art (art, literature, and music), and to roleplay, etcetera. There is even a question of the day channel, updated with a new prompt daily, to invite expression of opinions and non-argumentative debate. With such a variety, something will be sure to catch your attention.

The server owner stresses that change is good. Feedback and constructive criticism are fully accepted. After all, Kawaii Kills stands on the pillars of promoting happiness and a positive outlook so a suggestion that improves the server experience will always be appreciated.

If you think this is the server for you, we welcome you with open arms and warm Kukies. With a highlight on positivity, this Discord server may be a shining beacon in an internet landscape full of negativity and hate. You can check out Kawaii Kills on ​Discord ​and join the cuteness overload!