Devoted to shining light on the positive aspects of the world and all of the things that strengthen the human connection.

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Valentine Series


Stronger Together.
We embrace innovation, tackle the root causes of problems, involve everyone around us to operate the good. The dedicated staff drives members forward, and they enjoy it because staff constantly improve and create positive impact. Staff evaluates every aspect of Kawaii Kills with an unbiased eye. That’s how we learn, improve and grow our impact. 

Read. Watch. Get Inspired.
Insights is a proactive approach designed to build a foundation of awareness, understanding, and empower youth to their own positive well-being. For them, members are committed to keep learning how to be better; to seek out new ideas; to empower even more youth and adults to create the best experience in Kawaii Kills and to create even more impact through our projects/events.

All about the Initiative.
The community is the biggest factor in creating a positive impact in the lives of each individual. Together we increase inclusive relationships in a caring environment. We celebrate diversity and become resilient to stigma, thus, boosting social, emotional and physical well-being. Kawaii Kill’s environment welcomes individuals with a passionate drive to better all surroundings.

Our Members

I appreciate every single person in this server, you’re all so cute and amazing.


I joined the server last year just before i went into a bad stretch of depression and forgot discord existed mostly, i’d pop on […] but didn’t have the energy to interact or talk or anything. I came [to Kawaii Kills], where I knew it’s be okay and safe and I could see things that would make me smile and could just lurk and watch people’s happy fun conversations until I felt like I could jump in. […] I’m so glad I joined and was able to chat a bit with Jae 🙂 I’m learning that it can be rare that owners are actually in their servers chatting with members, even [in a] small server, she kept doing so much [despite] her illness is amazing. […] This server just seems to have perpetual energy, happiness, it’s just alive. I feel like [Jae] didn’t create a server as much as she birthed an entire amazing community.



Aims to discover and showcase international contemporary art by artists worldwide.
Your artwork could be featured next–including our instagram!