Devoted to shining light on the positive aspects of the world and all of the things that strengthen the human connection.

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Stronger Together.
We embrace innovation, tackle the root causes of problems, involve everyone around us to operate the good. The dedicated staff drives members forward, and they enjoy it because constantly improve and create positive impact.

Read. Watch. Get Inspired.
Insights is a proactive approach designed to build a foundation of awareness, understanding, and empower youth to their own positive well-being.

About the Initiative.
Kawaii Kill’s environment welcomes individuals with a passionate drive to better all surroundings.



Our Members

I appreciate every single person in this server, you’re all so cute and amazing.


Thank you all for allowing me to show off my art and my business and for helping to support me even if you cant purchase one, by just telling me how you guys like them. It helps me keep pushing forward to make this happen.



Aims to discover and showcase international contemporary art by artists worldwide.
Your artwork could be featured next–including our instagram!